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Excellent products and service

I have used Arnall''s Total Canine for years for my soon to be 14 year old black lab, Gambler. I have always been extremely satisfied and seen noticeable improvements in Gam's coat and skin quality. They had let me know of the improvement of adding Hip and Joint ingredient and I immediately requested some. This new addition was so effective that I could take Gam off of his glucosamine. It is an amazing product that I recommend to everyone I know with an older dog.

Kerry A

My fur baby was having issues with allergies, hot spots, and Cosequin had stopped working. I was looking for something natural to take the place of all her meds and supplements. FOUND IT! Works great. She is walking better in just a few days, hot spots are gone and allergies reduced. Customer service is amazing!

Awesome product

We have a mare that we compete with at rodeos and jackpots. We were looking for something that addressed all the issues that a performance horse faces when competing, traveling, and health . We used the Total Plus and noticed a huge difference in her overall appearance, attitude and performance. This supplement is also so much easier to feed with an all in one verses all the buckets of supplements I used to buy. Will definitely be getting more!!

Total + Joint is a must have

The addition of Total + Joint to my upper level competition horse program has been instrumental to my horses health from the inside-out. I used the original Total Plus formula for many years with great success and still use it on my younger horses, however the Total + Joint with added Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM gave my upper level horse the added joint boost needed at the FEI level of eventing. My program RUNS on Arnall's Naturals!

Barn must have!!

Absolutely love the quick results! This stuff is super easy to add to any feed program.

Total Plus: Performance Wellness and Maintenance

Canine hip & joint

This is a great product. My 18yr. Corgi Cross is jogging all over the property.

Total Plus

Our 2 year old Filly (Dutton) looks amazing after 35

Jan Arnell is wonderful and very caring. Parker is doing well on the Total Canine in terms of his IBS, gastro & pancreatitis issues but right now we are dealing with the issue of hearing loss. Not sure how long it took us to recognize.

Good product

I love this supplement for my corgis. I have one with joint issues who needed extra support and I want to make sure my others were well supported.

Total Plus

Love the product! My 2 horses coats really shine, hooves grow properly, no health issues, price is excellent for this product! Owners of Arnalls Naturals are always available for questions. I highly recommend this product!

This is the best additive I have ever fed
It helped my Stallions in the breeding room as

Amazing product

As a horse owner and using this product Total Plus for some years now and a lot of my friends also for many more years than me are absolutely happy with the outcome . And highly recommend this to any horse owner . ❤️❤️

Wonderful product

I love this product for all my lesson horses here at High Five Horses LLC!

Actual results

My horse had do e issues and 7 days after using this product issue start looking better and 15 days they were gone.

Only been using for 2 weeks but so far so good

Wow ***** Superior Supplement *****

I attended at the AQHA World show in OKC with my horse Chexie to compete in ranch events. My normally calm mare became anxious and went off her feed and wasn’t drinking much water. This went on for a couple of days. I was keeping a very close watch on her and was getting concerned. I put Gatorade in one bucket of water with no luck. I by chance met Jan at another vendors both. Jan asked if I gave my horse supplements.. my answer was yes. I walked with her to the Arnall booth and she introduced me to John. We visited and I told them about my horses current state, anxiety, not eating and little water consumption. John smiled and said she would start drinking if I’d give her the Arnall’s Total Plus supplement. John impressed me with his confidence in his product. I purchased the the supplement. Because Chexie was off her feed she wasn’t willing to eat the supplement. John came to my stall and helped me get her started eating the product. When I came to her stall the next morning both water buckets were empty and she started eating her feed and her anxiety level was much lower almost back to normal. Talk about relief!! Chexie has been on the product for 1 month now. Her coat is beautiful and shiny. I’m excited to see what she’ll look like in the coming months. I’m so grateful I by chance met John & Jan. I think my horses health would have had a different outcome at the show without starting her on Arnall Total Plus. Jan still reaches out to me checking on Chexie. i purchased a product that helped my horse and also have the owner’s of the company supporting and checking on my horse. I can’t thank Jan & John enough. ❤️

Best product I’ve used so far!

Best product …totally changed my horse. Customer service awesome!!

Mane growth! Tail growth! And so so much more!!

Before I started my horse on total plus he was constantly sore, needed the chiropractor every month, and had a short and thin mane and tail! I've had him on this supplement for over a year now and absolutely love it!! My horse dosent require the chiropractor anymore, mane and tail are thriving! And his coat SHOWS the difference!!

Thank you so much the review! We are so happy to hear your amazing results!


There’s no product I trust like the Total Plus formula to keep my horses in top shape. I will always consider this supplement the reason my horses stay sound during strenuous show seasons and recover well, as well as maintaining great gut health!


My mare was on a Smartpak strip that was like 9 wells long and costing me nearly $200 a month. I posted about it on my Instagram and Arnall's reached out to me and said they thought their product would work for what I needed and at that point, I was willing to try anything. Jan told me a few success stories and told me all about the product and what it was meant to treat, so I gave it a shot. THIS. PRODUCT. WORKS. My mare, who has been on a calming supplement for 13+ years, is calmer and more level headed on this supplement than any stand alone calming supplement I have ever used (and I have tried a lot of them). Her coat is shiney, she's the soundest she's been in years, she recovers from exercise quickly, she's no longer cinchy, and I am just blown away. My mare is also an incredibly picky eater, especially when it comes to powders, and she will willingly eat this up. I am so glad Jan at Arnall's reached out to me and convinced me to give this a try. I am a believer now. I have my old mare on it and my 3 year old on it. Also, shout out to John and Jan because they're the best company owners and customer service reps on the planet. They call to check in and make sure that everything is going well, they're always happy to answer questions, and they're always around to help. There's nothing about Arnall's Naturals that I don't love. I will be using this for life.

2 Year Olds

We have been using Total Wellness for about
1 month the Colt and Filly have been eating it well.
Both horses are holding weight, coat shining and still growing.
In their most recent start last week at a Ohio county Fair race the colt finished 2nd 3 wide the last quarter and the filly was 3rd looking for room at the wire.
Excited to see the next races I plan to continue using the supplement going forward.

Arnall’s NAtural’s is a MUST have

As a barrel racer, I depend on quality supplements to help my horses like Malichi perform to their best and recover quickly. When I met John and Jan, I was at AQHA world and needed a little boost for Malichi. The stress from hauling and competing resulted in Both my horses being dull and sore. John and Jan helped me to get on a better and cheaper program than the other products I had been using . I’m so impressed with Arnall’s NAtural’s that it has replaced all products in my program! I’m a believer !

Great One-Stop-Shop Equine Supplement!

I love being able to give my equine partner everything he needs in one supplement! It takes the guess work and difficult task of deciding what give him off my plate. The personal service and care provided to Arnall's customers make you more like family. AND THE PRODUCT WORKS! Win, win, win in my book.

I put my dog on this product after being so impressed with their equine supplement. A normally businesslike serious dog, he got the zoomies for the first time in years! The slight limp he had in his front right is gone and his allergies have decreased. He is feeling great! The only issue is that he is a little suspect of the powder form so I will be switching to the pill. Great product, great customer service, happy happy animals!