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Total Plus: Performance Wellness and Maintenance

All-in-one Daily Supplement for Performance and Working Horses
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Created for active and professional performance horses, TOTAL PLUS is our Number 1 seller and is based on four decades of tested and proven product results.

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• For optimum results, start your horse on a loading dose: 2 scoops morning & night for 14 days (For a 1,000 lb+ horse)

• Once your horse has completed the loading dose, we recommend maintenance dosing with 1 scoop a.m & p.m. daily

• To address injuries or during intense training and performance, dosing may be increased

• Total Plus should not be fed to pregnant mares

• Store in a dry area

NOTE: The 1 kg (2 LBS) tub supplies the loading dose or a 30-day supply maintenance dose. Consider ordering the 2kg (4 LBS) tub for a cost savings.

Min % Crude Protein ...... 17.4
Min % Crude Fat ...... 1.8
Max % Crude Fiber ...... 6.5
Max % Moisture ...... 7.9
Min % Calcium ...... 3.8
Max % Calcium ...... 4.4
Min % Phosphorus ...... 0.4
Min Copper (ppm) ...... 2360
Min Selenium (ppm) ...... 16.1
Min Zinc (ppm) ...... 7640
Min Vitamin A in I.U. per pound ...... 469,000

We believe Arnall’s Naturals can save you money.

• A healthy, sound horse means fewer vet calls

• Every horse in the barn benefits in some way

• As an all-in-one supplement, there’s no need to pay for additional supplements

• We’ve heard time and time again that trainers and customers experience “full barn results,” meaning every horse in the barn receives some type of positive results from the product.

Due to ever-increasing shipping costs, we’re now adding a flat rate shipping charge to all orders. This wasn’t an easy choice for us, since we pride ourselves on providing incomparable customer service. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Total Plus Is Intended to Provide Next Level Benefits for Both Recovery and Ongoing Maintenance

Total Plus Is Known to Assist and Support:

✔ Muscle repair & recovery

✔ Performance stamina

✔ Hoof, skin & Coat health

✔ Increased circulation

✔ Decreased inflammation

✔ Immune system support

✔ Overall mood & wellness

✔ Joint, tendon & ligament health

✔ Anhidrosis (Non-sWEATER)

Here's What People Are Saying

Customer Reviews

Based on 117 reviews
Lori Mooney
Amazing product

As a horse owner and using this product Total Plus for some years now and a lot of my friends also for many more years than me are absolutely happy with the outcome . And highly recommend this to any horse owner . ❤️❤️

Allyson Barns
Wonderful product

I love this product for all my lesson horses here at High Five Horses LLC!

Stephen Bush

Only been using for 2 weeks but so far so good

Tangie Denzer
Wow ***** Superior Supplement *****

I attended at the AQHA World show in OKC with my horse Chexie to compete in ranch events. My normally calm mare became anxious and went off her feed and wasn’t drinking much water. This went on for a couple of days. I was keeping a very close watch on her and was getting concerned. I put Gatorade in one bucket of water with no luck. I by chance met Jan at another vendors both. Jan asked if I gave my horse supplements.. my answer was yes. I walked with her to the Arnall booth and she introduced me to John. We visited and I told them about my horses current state, anxiety, not eating and little water consumption. John smiled and said she would start drinking if I’d give her the Arnall’s Total Plus supplement. John impressed me with his confidence in his product. I purchased the the supplement. Because Chexie was off her feed she wasn’t willing to eat the supplement. John came to my stall and helped me get her started eating the product. When I came to her stall the next morning both water buckets were empty and she started eating her feed and her anxiety level was much lower almost back to normal. Talk about relief!! Chexie has been on the product for 1 month now. Her coat is beautiful and shiny. I’m excited to see what she’ll look like in the coming months. I’m so grateful I by chance met John & Jan. I think my horses health would have had a different outcome at the show without starting her on Arnall Total Plus. Jan still reaches out to me checking on Chexie. i purchased a product that helped my horse and also have the owner’s of the company supporting and checking on my horse. I can’t thank Jan & John enough. ❤️

Lezlie B. N.
Best product I’ve used so far!

Best product …totally changed my horse. Customer service awesome!!

What Our Arnall's Athletes Say


"Total took the inflammation out of their joints, relaxed the tendons right away. It took the pain out their legs and I saw those colts start to flourish, gain weight faster and continue to grow without any issue."

Dewey Smith headshot wit cowboy hat and suit
Dewey Smith
Dewey Smith Quarter Horses

"During show season, about the week before we leave, I double up on Total Plus and keep it up through the competition. When we return, we go back down to a regular dose. I think it just really helps to maintain that kind of gut health and all of the internal health benefits that the product promotes."

Emilie Mudd standing next to her horse
Emilie Mudd
Area V/VIII Professional Equestrian

"Since having Cadillac on the Total Plus formula, I’ve noticed a difference in his fitness, recovery time, focus, and overall nutrition. The Total Plus formula has kept Cadillac looking and feeling his best during long hauls to events all over the United States."

Ashley Hayes in helmet, standing next to her horse
Ashley Hayes
Advanced Level Event Rider

"This is the second horse I’ve had on Arnall’s Naturals Total Plus. I love this product because for my discipline, I need a good joint supplement and the bonus is that it’s also a great multi vitamin for my Dez. His overall body and coat look amazing and it’s prolonging time between injections."

Jamie Radebaugh standing next to her horse
Jamie Radebaugh
AQHYA World Champion

"Arnall’s Naturals provides my horses the nutrients they need to stay fit, healthy, and happy. I have seen incredible results in their coat and performance since they have been on Total Plus."

Samantha McCleery jumping her horse
Samantha McCleery
Professional Show Jumper

"Using the Arnall’s Total Plus for 6 months, my horses experienced mental, physical, and competitive improvements. Two of my top competition horses with severe injuries had notably improved recovery time."

Candace Pratt standing next to her horse
Candace Pratt
World Champion & IGRA Hall of Fame

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