Before & Afters

Pasture Injury
Pasture injury horse was 2 days on the product. Doubled the dosing throughout course of injury.  – Allison Deveraux Murphy Before: 3-Week Progress: After:
Scratching & Redness
"Coby had severe redness on his chest due to scratching from allergies. After being on Total Canine a little over 1 month, the redness is nearly gone and his allergies are clearing up. He no longer scratches himself to death,...
Javalina Injury
Justin and his dog were jogging in the desert in Arizona. A wild javelina attacked his dog. The dog sustained several lacerations and needed many stitches and a port. After using Total Canine for a few weeks, the vet was astonished to see how...
German Rottweiler: Hip Injury
In the fall of 2020 our 11 year old German Rottweiler sustained a hip injury while playing. Immediately after she was unable to put any pressure on her back right leg. We knew surgery was inevitable.
Hi-Ho Genetics: Swollen Pig Hocks
"Allowed us to keep the pig in check, keep the needle out of him, really happy with the results!" – Jonathan Hisey, Hi-Ho Genetics  Before: After: Swelling has gone down Able to Push and Drive
High Five Horses: Injured Back Leg
Kaitlin Evans is an assistant trainer at High Five Horses. She was devastated to find her horse had injured his back leg when turned out one day. We immediately started to double his intake of the Arnall’s Naturals Red Label supplement.
Ruffian & Cowboy
I have been breeding Labrador Retrievers for 50 years, and I am always looking to enhance my dog's nutritional needs for upmost performance and longevity. I have been using Arnall's Total Canine all-in-one supplement for over a year now, and it has replaced the 3 or four supplements I used in the past.