Chocolate lab jumping out of the water

Ruffian & Cowboy

I have been breeding Labrador Retrievers for 50 years, and I am always looking to enhance my dog's nutritional needs for upmost performance and longevity. I have been using Arnall's Total Canine all-in-one supplement for over a year now, and it has replaced the 3 or four supplements I used in the past. My dogs love the smell and taste, their coats are lustrous, and it has helped keep their digestive systems status quo, and free from upsets during stress. I will be testing out the product on my next litter of puppies coming soon, and hopefully they will become Arnall's dogs as well. Great product and great customer service from John and his crew!!

Marney McCleary – Rocking Thistle Labradors

Black lab dog sitting in grass

Ruffian sitting in the grass

Chocolate lab tracking in the water

Cowboy tracking in the water