Canine Supplements

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Our all-in-one, natural canine products support healing from the inside out, addressing joint mobility, coat quality, skin health and overall comfort care of your dog.

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Total Canine: Hip & Joint Recovery & Mobility


Comfort, Recovery and Mobility Support for All Ages and Breeds of Dogs

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Total Canine: Wellness & Maintenance for Dogs


An all-in-one supplement for all adult dogs that provides a safe, natural foundation for joint, coat and skin health.

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Total Canine: Picky Eater Capsules for Dogs


The ultimate all-in-one daily supplement for dogs that can easily be fed via daily pill delivery.

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“I formulated the Arnall’s Naturals Canine products to help with excessive shedding, hot spots, soft tissue issues, hips displacement and inflammation. Many dogs don't get enough exercise. One of the main benefits of the supplement encourages circulation, in turn reducing inflammation, and sets a platform for healing and pain relief.

– John Arnall

golden retriever playing with orange ball in grassy yard

All Arnall’s Naturals products feature the same active ingredients, including the proprietary Arnall’s blend. Dosages are determined based on your dog's age, performance demands and overall wellness needs.

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