Total Canine: Picky Eater Capsules
Total Canine: Picky Eater Capsules - Rear Label

Total Canine: Picky Eater Capsules

The ultimate all-in-one daily supplement for dogs that can easily be fed via daily pill delivery.
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Dogs, especially the smaller breeds, can be as picky as humans when it comes to liking a new food. So we’ve come up with a solution for those picky eaters; TOTAL CANINE in capsule form. TOTAL CANINE PICKY EATER formula features the same natural ingredients and healthy support qualities as our TOTAL CANINE product, and can easily be fed via a pill delivery option or disguised as part of a treat like cheese or peanut butter.
  • Natural antioxidants and herbs that help reduce inflammation in joints and muscles. This is beneficial to working and performance dogs as well as aging dogs with underlying arthritic ailments
  • Omega-3s to assist with skin allergies & dermatitis
  • Added fiber to support anal gland issues, chronic conditions, gastrointestinal pain, and digestive care
  • Quality protein aid in the building of muscle which is beneficial for performance dogs as well as arthritic dogs that need extra muscle to fight joint disease
  • Natural sources of vitamin E to benefit dogs with behavioral conditions associated with aging such as cognitive dysfunction

• Household dogs & companion dogs

• Working dogs & performance dogs

• Aging dogs with arthritis pain

• Aging dogs that need to build muscle

• Young dogs with no concurrent health concerns

• Dogs with musculoskeletal disease such as cranial cruciate injury, meniscal injuries, and sprain/tendon issues

• Dogs with atopic dermatitis or environmental allergies

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• Less than 40 lbs. Feed 1-2 small capsules daily - add to wet or dry food

• Greater than 40 lbs. Feed 1-2 large capsules daily - add to wet or dry food

NOTE: Not to Be Fed to Pregnant or Breeding Dogs

We believe Arnall’s Naturals can save you money.

• A healthy, sound dog means fewer vet calls

• Every dog on the property benefits in some way

• As an all-in-one supplement, there’s no need to pay for additional supplements

• We’ve heard time and time again that trainers and customers experience “full kennel results,” meaning every dog on the property receives some type of positive results from the product.

Due to ever-increasing shipping costs, we’re now adding a flat rate shipping charge to all orders. This wasn’t an easy choice for us, since we pride ourselves on providing incomparable customer service. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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Total Canine Is Intended to Provide Next Level Benefits for Both Recovery and Ongoing Maintenance

Total Canine Is Known to Assist and Support:

✔ Reduced Shedding

✔ Hip Dysplasia 

✔ Allergies/Hot Spots

✔ Inflammation

✔ ACL Issues

✔ Anal Gland Issues 

✔ Pain relief

✔ Reduces Gas

✔ Soft Tissue Injuries

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Customer Reviews

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"After having our horse on Total Plus and seeing huge improvements in his all around health and well being, we decided to try the Total Canine for our aging lab. Millie was having difficulty getting up and getting around like she did when she was young. Her coat was dull and wiry looking and her skin was itchy. After being on the product for a short time we noticed a huge difference! She was moving around a lot easier and her coat was soft and shiny. We have nothing but good to say about the Arnall's natural's products! If your horse or dog isn't on one of them- they should be!!!"

Mary Hays

"Dog loves the taste of it first of all. I bought this and was giving it to my dog once a day for about 2 weeks when while out hiking she was attacked by a javalina. Vet put in 14 staples and a drain tube and said would take at least 14 days until staples could be removed. I doubled up on the canine supplement and in just 4 days the vet removed the drain tube and said dog was healing up unbelievably well. $ days later staples were removed and vet still astounded how fast she healed up. May be just a coincidence, but I think her quick recovery had everything to do with her new Total Canine supplement."

Justin A.

"Great! I bought my first bag at the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and have since re ordered...this product has worked so well on my Great Danes anal gland issue that I recommend it to my dog grooming clients... a client with a Shi-tzu that has severe skin allergies ordered the product and which in two weeks the dogs skin was almost completely clear!"

Jennifer M.

"One of the BEST feed additives I’ve had in 30 years. Shedding 75% reduced, shiny fur, dandruff eliminated."

Bill Grimmer
Dog Trainer and Owner of Grimmer's Canine College

"Storm is 11 years old. She is an ACD/Lab mix and has gotten pretty inactive because of her hind end aches and pains. A friend uses Total Canine for her 2 dogs and said it works wonders, it Does!! Thank you for such a wonderful and affordable solution!!"

Melissa G.

"Doing great! I use it on a curr with skin issues and a healer that's very old and both are doing great."

Brenda B.

"My old girl had been nursing her hips for a couple of years. It was hard for her to stand up and even walk. And her coat was starting to look ragged. Total Canine has helped her hips quite a bit and her coat looks great!"

Erick H.

"My yellow lab has a very sensitive stomach and he is allergic to grains. For eight years he would throw up at least once a day and after having him on this product for 3 weeks I have only had to clean up vomit a couple of times! He seems a lot happier and healthier as well."

Owner of Pet and Pasture, LLC

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