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Due to consumer demand, we created this all-natural supplement especially for the show pig market!

Our all-in-one, natural swine products support healthy, shiny coats, increase hoof strength, help reduce joint and mobility issues, provide immune support, improve digestion and overall comfort care of your show pig or performance swine.

Total Plus Pig


An all-in-one supplement that promotes healthy coats and hooves, fewer joint and mobility issues, and a calmer mood.

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“I was approached by a couple of different breeders whose show pigs had issues with inflammation, lameness, and other joint and circulation problems. So, I worked with our nutritionist to adapt the Arnall’s formulas to come up with a pig version. And the results have been incredible, as both a problem-solver and maintenance product. ”

– John Arnall

Piglet standing in dirt

All Arnall’s Naturals products feature the same active ingredients, including the proprietary Arnall’s blend. Dosages are determined based on your pig's age, performance demands and overall wellness needs.