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Arnall's Equine



"I’m now on month 4 and it’s been the best decision I’ve ever made for my horse. She’s off hock injections and the fluid retention is almost completely gone on the right hock. The left hock fluid retention has gone down considerably. It’s a great product and my mare loves it. Easy to feed." 

- Karen S.

Arnall's Total Canine



"Storm is 11 years old. She is an ACD/Lab mix and has gotten pretty inactive because of her hind end aches and pains. A friend uses Total Canine for her 2 dogs and said it works wonders, it Does!! Thank you for such a wonderful and affordable solution!!" 

- Melissa G.

Before & After



12-year old Remedy was having trouble gaining and maintaining a healthy weight. After just six weeks on Arnall's Naturals Mare Care, you can see the dramatic difference in body mass and coat condition.

- Mackenzie Gellings, Breeding Manager, Sterling Ranch

What makes Arnall's Naturals different?


For decades, Arnall's™ proprietary formulas have been used by veterinarians to assist horses in achieving and maintaining optimal health, wellness, and performance.  Learn more. 

Natural Ingredients

Our products contain no glucosamine, no fillers and no MSM. We use natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids to support horses at all stages of life, from the active performance horse and dog to the aging equine and canine member of the family. Learn more.

Total Wellness

Our proprietary mixtures include all of the necessary vitamins and minerals your horse needs to stay healthy so you only have to buy ONE Arnall's Naturals™ product.

Learn More. 

Arnall's Promise

Our customers are the most important thing to us. If you feel you are not seeing the results you needed, please contact:


"Since I started using this I want to tell you that the skin sores vanished over time, the dandruff was eliminated, the shedding reduced by at least 50% and experienced 0 gas or stomach upset... good stuff!"

Bill Grimmer, Grimmer's Canine College 




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Natural Works. Science proves it.

Arnall's Naturals is an ALL-IN-ONE Supplement.

"Nothing But Good!"

Total Canine & Total Plus

"After having out horse on the Total Plus product and seeing huge improvements in his all around health and well being we decided to try the Total Canine for our aging lab. Millie was having the typical joint issues that most large breed aging dogs have- difficulty getting up and getting around like she did when she was young. Her coat was dull and wiry looking and her skin was itchy. After being on the product for a short time we noticed a huge difference! She was moving around a lot easier and her coat was soft and shiny. We have nothing but good to say about the Arnall's natural's products! If your horse or dog isn't on one of them- they should be!!!" - Mary Hays

"Amazing Product!"

Total Plus

“My horse Wrigley has been on total plus for about 6 months and I noticed a huge difference right away in his overall soundness. He’s a bit older and arthritic, and this product offers him so much support. I no longer have to worry about keeping him sound and have the freedom to enjoy our journey knowing he’ll be comfortable. We make our Grand Prix debut this year and are proud to have Arnall’s on our side! Thank you!!” 

- Emily Goldman, Under the guidance of American Olympian Hilda Gurney


Total Plus

"This product has been amazing for my Gran Prix Dressage horse and I am happy to be giving him the ingredients in the correct blend and measurement for him. Before I was trying to buy the ingredients separately and it was difficult and expensive. He was retired and I was willing to do what I could to help him get better but had little hope. After I took my horse through the loading period I was happy to find him start to feel better, start sweating again, his allergies were much less, ( he is allergic to fly bites, cedar trees and who knows..), but most importantly, finally he is sound again and I am bringing him back to work. He feels great and I am hopeful we will return to the show ring soon. I wish I had fed him this supplement his whole life, it may have a difference early on and made him feel better through his career." 
- Robin Hessel

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