German Rottweiler hip injury: Before

German Rottweiler: Hip Injury

In the fall of 2020 our 11 year old German Rottweiler sustained a hip injury while playing. Immediately after she was unable to put any pressure on her back right leg. We knew surgery was inevitable. We happened to own a large equestrian facility where all of our horsed are on Arnall’s Naturals equine supplement. When I was chatting with the owner and letting her know about our dog she told me about the K9 product. Within three days she was able to stand on all fours and within a week she was walking upstairs. I’m not saying don’t get your dog surgery but this was literally a miraculous recovery. We now have all of our dogs and 25 horses on the Arnall's product.

– Brandon Clinton, Brandon Clinton Sport Horses


German Rottweiler hip injury: After