Injury Recovery


"I met you February 23rd and purchased the Total Plus for my two cowhorses.  The one is 6 with a torn suspensory.  My vet performed an ultrasound and we decided to stem cell the leg and he would come back in two weeks to see the progress.  I started Total Plus two days after the stem cell when I met you and my vet just came back after two weeks and he could not believe the leg looks 100%.  He looked at it three different times!  There is no sign of an injury.  I’m going to keep him on the loading dose (2 scoops) and hope the vet will release me to start riding soon to get back in the show pen.  My vet is taking a little precaution as it was such a quick heal, he wants me to wait two more weeks to start riding after another ultrasound. 

My second horse is now 20 and been having shoulder problems for a long time.  Everytime I saddle he paws (I always had to watch my toes!) and he’s been grumpy when I speed him up or lope a sharp turn.  After 2 days on Total Plus, the pawing has stopped completely.  He is riding with better movement in his shoulders and not as grumpy when I turn him sharp loping.  I am really excited to see how both of my guys have progressed and will be slowly weaning my older one off the joint and mineral supplement and hopefully my monthly Legend shot.

Thank you again for all of the information on the product I truly believe it is just what you have said!" - Shari Brownlee, San Tan Valley, AZ

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