Ryleigh Leavitt

Ryleigh Leavitt jumping her brown horse

Ryleigh uses: TOTAL PLUS

Ryleigh Leavitt is a 23 year old professional who has ridden through the 4* level in Eventing. Based out of Colorado, she has a client list of 30 riders across the front range. Ryleigh is pursuing her two passions in life: helping her students learn and grow with their horses and training horses to excel and enjoy their work. Ryleigh has been using Arnall’s Naturals for a year now and loves the benefits she sees in her horses. Every horse she has put on Arnall’s Naturals she has seen improvements with.

“My 4* horse, Cruz used to not sweat, had stomach problems and had trouble holding weight. After using Arnall’s Naturals for a month, he was sweating during rides which resulted in a faster recovery after working. His coat looked better and he was holding weight without feeding him as much grain as he was eating before starting the supplement.”
– Ryleigh Leavitt


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