Meet John Arnall

John Arnall - Arnall's Naturals Creator at NCHA Futurity
John Arnall - Arnall's Naturals Creator at NCHA Futurity
Arnall’s Naturals™ got its start almost a half a century ago in the vast Outback of Australia. John Arnall, a born and raised horseman, was in his early twenties working for a well-known racehorse trainer in the Outback, where veterinary services were lacking.  Horse owners and trainers were forced to travel long distances or wait for weeks, sometimes months, until their horses were able to receive care. John identified a need and started working with local experts to create natural, plant-based formulas that would assist horses when vet care was not an option. Not only did they work as treatments, the horses thrived.
John later came to the U.S. where he implemented the same training and care practices, using Arnall’s™ Blends to aid horses in reaching their peak health and performance. John retired from training, but his satisfied clients continued to call him for the supplements. To meet the demand and share his proprietary formulas with the rest of horse world, John decided to bring Arnall’s Naturals™ to the mainstream market in 2015.

Why choose Arnall's Naturals™

According to John Arnall, “there are three proprietary ingredients in the Arnall's blend™, and the rest of the ingredients are on the label. We have a trademark on the Arnalls blend and one of the main issues we address is soft tissue concerns. The other thing is that it increases the circulation and keeps the blood thinner, which keeps it circulating better.As an all-in-one supplement, Arnall’s Naturals™ is a maintenance product. If you maintain your horse and keep him healthy, he's going to stay comfortable. Horses are a product of their environment, so why not give him every advantage possible to perform and feel good.”  

Arnall's Naturals™ customer service

The Arnall’s Naturals team prides itself on high quality products and excellent customer service. “I like to give our clients personalized formula consultations,” says John, “because every horse is different. Making sure our customers get exactly what they need is my top priority.” You could say John and his team are taking it ‘old school’ when it comes to customer service. “After all, the best way to get to know someone is to talk to them,” says Jan Mawhee, Director of Corporate Accounts and Customer Relations.

From our family to yours

Jan and John Arnall

John and Jan believe in Arnall’s Naturals and want every customer to be satisfied with the results they receive from the products. To learn more about the composition of Arnall’s Naturals™ and the proprietary Arnall’s Blend, take a look at our ingredients page.

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