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Meet Two Dogs Named Zoey: A Before & After Story
Meet two dogs named Zoey! Total Canine was a gamechanger for both of them!  Zoey, the french bulldog, suffered with allergies and hotspots. After only two weeks, Zoey's hotspots were looking much better. After six weeks on Total Canine, Zoey's...
10 Reasons to Supplement Your Dog
1. ADDED VITAMINS Dog foods alone often don't provide the vitamins to keep your furry loved one at their best. Vitamins support your dog's overall health and wellness. 2. GAS & ANAL GLANDS Does your dog scoot across the ground or let...
Reducing Dog Shedding and Keeping Your Home Clean
We love our fur babies, just maybe not all that fur! Does your house dog leave a trail of hair everywhere they go?