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John Arnall, the owner of Arnall's Naturals, is a born and raised horseman. When he first got started in his early twenties, he was working with a well-known racehorse trainer. Veterinary services were not always readily available. This meant that sometimes horse owners and trainers were forced to travel long distances or wait for long periods of time before their horses were able to receive care. John identified a need and started working with local experts to create natural and plant-based formulas that would assist horses when vet care was not an option. These formulas not only worked as treatment, the horses thrived. 

John later came to the United States where he implemented the same training and care practices. He continued to use his proprietary supplement formula and began to share it with the rest of the horse world. After nearly 50 years working in the horse world, he decided to retire. 

In John's personal life, he has three grown children that he adores. Two are living in Australia and One lives here in Texas. John now lives with the love of his life, Jan, in Dallas, Texas. 

To this day, John continues to be actively involved in the business and is happy to answer any questions about feeding and what formula might be best for your horse, dog, or swine. 

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