From the Inside Out: Your Dog’s Joints, Tendons and Ligaments

Tall or short, athletically built or overweight, your dog is susceptible to joint, tendon and ligament pain. Instead of waiting until the problem occurs and spending tons of money on pain management for your dog, consider using a preventative product like Arnall’s Naturals. Arnall’s Total Canine has shown to assist dogs with the varying forms of pain and issues that occur in their joints, tendons and ligaments.
When trying to identify these issues, think about your dog’s previous activity levels. Are you outrunning your dog on your weekly trips to the dog park? Maybe your pup can’t jump on the couch anymore. Or in a more advanced situation, is your dog holding their leg up, limping, or whimpering when she puts pressure on the source of pain?
Instead of spending tons of money with your veterinarian, try to prevent the issue with a product that delivers all the essential vitamins, minerals, herbs and amino acids your dog needs, plus a proprietary blend of ingredients that can increase circulation, decrease inflammation and decrease pain. Arnall’s Total Canine gives your dogs everything they need in addition to their daily meals. 
Our customers have had some great experiences with Total Canine in regard to joint, tendon and ligament health. Here’s what a few of them have said:




“Storm is 11 years old. She is an ACD/Lab mix and has gotten pretty inactive because of her hind end aches and pains. A friend uses Total Canine for her 2 dogs and said it works wonders, it Does!! Thank you for such a wonderful and affordable solution!!”


“After having out horse on the Total Plus product and seeing huge improvements in his all around health and well being we decided to try the Total Canine for our aging lab. Millie was having the typical joint issues that most large breed aging dogs have- difficulty getting up and getting around like she did when she was young. Her coat was dull and wiry looking and her skin was itchy. After being on the product for a short time we noticed a huge difference! She was moving around a lot easier and her coat was soft and shiny. We have nothing but good to say about the Arnall's natural's products! If your horse or dog isn't on one of them- they should be!!!”


“It helps my 17 yo dog with her arthritis and good maintenance for the younger ones.”


“After seeing the effect of my mare on the total plus line I figured I would try this for my dog. She suffers from early onset hip dysplasia and she was walking with a very noticeable limp in her hind end. Since starting her on this the limp has disappeared so we will be continuing!”



“I give this product to my 18 yo blue heeler with leg injuries and arthritis she get 1 scoop morning and night and doing great.”



“I'm very impressed by the product and the owners of this company. We meet them at a dog shop and tried their product on both of my dogs. My older dog is involved in agility, so an ounce of preventative for him. My other dog was abuse by someone and has a very bad knee issue. Before putting her on Total Canine she would try to run, but she would end up not using her back leg, due to her dislocating her knee. Now she has been on the product for several months and does not seem to how the issue as much. She can chase her "brother" and have a good time outside. After my last purchase I received a call from one of the owners checking on our dog and to see how things were going for my younger one. I personally was taken back that one of the owners took time to call and check on my dog. That meant all to me. You just don't see that in today world. Thanks”

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