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Hello. I’m John Arnall the designer and manufacturer of the multi-purpose Buckaroo Calming and Breaking Tack. Welcome to our site and our step by step demonstration of The Buckaroo. The main reason I created this tack was for personal use to assist in desensitizing, breaking and training, but also for the comfort and safety of the horse and handler- be they novice or professional. It is also my desire to show you how easy and safe The Buckaroo can make the handling of your horse during the “get acquainted” stage- always keeping in mind the safety of both you and your horse.For a long time, the traditional processes such as hobbling horses prevented and restricted movement while increasing and creating fear and anxiety for both horse and handler. Many felt this was a cruel and unnecessary part of horse handling and desensitizing. Recognizing the need for a better, safer, and gentler way, I created a more comfortable alternative with The Buckaroo. As you can see in the following video featuring Allyson, my daughter, an expert horsewoman and barrel horse trainer, the horse is calm and is no way being managed in a cruel or restrictive fashion. The horse experiences no restrictions of any hip or shoulder movements which you will see demonstrated in our continued featured video sessions. The use and techniques of handling are simply an introduction to the mare and have been reinforced every day for several weeks. The Buckaroo has been used each time we saddled and rode for an effective long term breaking and handling solution prior to her entry into formal training. The process of the use of this tack has proven to be quite efficient and conserves energy and time for handler and horse in the breaking and training process. The following is Allyson with the horse taking you through a step by step introduction to the use of The Buckaroo. Be sure and stay tuned through the finish of the Video. I will be hosting a video series beginning with Session 1 with Justin, The Buckaroo Strap and his first 2yr old!
BTW…I look forward to introducing you to THE BUCKAROO Strap as well as all Signature Natural Equine products. If you would like an opportunity to visit personally with me regarding any horsemanship issues, or opportunities for personal demonstrations via my horsemanship clinics or session videos, be sure and send us an email via Also, if you are interested in hosting a Buckaroo Strap or Horsemanship clinics anywhere in the country, please contact me there as well!



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